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No Dataflow case is the same!

The data flow verification process is a tedious process of submitting documents in the right way, which if not done correctly may end up wasting both your time and money in the process.

We have been doing data flow for about 11 years now and has come across a plethora of problems which we were able to overcome 90% of it and complete the data flow with much effort.

It would be wrong to say that there hasn’t been any hurdles through the journey, but, we assure you that we will complete the data flow and get you the documents no matter how much complicated it becomes.

However keep in mind some cases may take longer than anticipated depending on the university clinic credentials and other documentation rules and frequent changes in the licensing authority.

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Dataflow FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions of our previous candidates. Skim through it you might find your answer already. If not submit for your eligibility check.

What is Dataflow verification?

It is the process where they collect all your documents and verify whether they are genuine or fake. The process is actually known as the Primary Source Verification(PSV) and the company who handles the documents is known as the Dataflow group.

What is the basic experience required?

Most of the Gulf countries require you to have a minimum of two years of experience, or three years of experience if it’s been three years and above after your degree.

Should I do my dataflow first or the Prometric exam?

Totally depends on when you want to start practising. If you apply for data flow right when you start your preparation, you can wisely use the next two months to complete both your data flow and finish your preparation for the exam.

How long does data flow process take?

The standard time is 45 days, but it can vary between 30 days to 2 and a half months.

Which country allows you to do dataflow after the exam?

Qatar and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) of the UAE.