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The documents you need are to be in PDF or JPEG format. Rename it in this format:

🔹 BDS certificate front & back (eg:John Doe-Degree/Diploma)

🔹 Dental/Medical/Nursing council Licence registration certificate front & back (John Doe-License)

NOTE: Make sure your license remains valid during the dataflow processing period.

🔹 Licence renewal receipt/Certificate (John Doe-Licence renewal)

🔹 2 yrs experience certificate(s) (John Doe-exp1)

NOTE: Make sure your experience is acquired from a clinic that, at the time of verification, will be :

  1. Available on the phone number provided.
  2. Available on the email id provided.
  3. Available at the exact address provided.
  4. Willing to verify that you worked there by Phone, Email & in person!

(The unavailability and unwillingness to respond are often reasons for dataflow rejection)

🔹 Mark sheets /Transcript (John Doe-transcript)

🔹 Internship Certificate(John Doe-internship)

🔹 Good standing certificate from your dental council (John Doe-gsc)

🔹 Passport copy (John Doe- passport)

🔹 Photo in white background (John Doe-photo)


You can find a sample of each document here in this blog🤝🏼

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